There are many factors that affect website traffic. Time of day, day of week, holidays just to name a few. Also the size of the area that you serve, the caliber of people that you serve, and how important the service that you have is. Oh, and let’s not forget about competition!

Realistically, if you do business in a small town you will probably only get a few visitors a day. If you are in a large city and everything else is just right you could get up to a hundred per day. There are really too many variables to assume numbers. Just don’t think that you will build a website and have as many visitors as FaceBook! That probably will not happen.

But then quantity is not as important as quality. If your website gets you one new customer per day, or helps you retain a customer it is doing the job! Conversion is the word here. You have to be a salesperson and convert visitors into customers. Know what your customers want and OVERDELIVER! I always say give them what they want and a little “extra”!

And that will keep them coming back!

Your webmaster should also be able to give you “traffic reports”. There is a lot of valuable information such as where they came from, what keywords they used to find you, what pages they visited and how long they stayed on your site. Study these reports and you will surely learn some things about your customers!