There are certain pages that are required, needed and helpful with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let’s take a look at them and how they can help you.

Privacy Policy

Required and also helpful with your rankings in the search engine results. Your webmaster will probably do this page for you.


The search engines like to see this page, but what good would it be if potential customers could not find you. I like to use a form to have people contact you. This helps with your spam in that it makes it harder for the “harvesters” to get your email address. This is also a good page for directions and a phone number.

If the phone number is important to your customers, such as a restaurant that takes phone orders, it should be on every page. I like to put it in the footer or even on the side bar. Remember that we want to make it easy and simple. We don’t want customers searching for a phone number.


If your business has a service that produces a product such as a home builder, you may want to consider showing off some of your work. This may also be a good place for testimonials. Just make sure that you have the owners permission. Some people like their privacy and would not want their things showcased on the internet.

About Us

This is a good page to let people know why they should do business with you. How long have you been doing it? What makes you better? You can also add some personal items. Some people like to put pictures of their families, employees, and etc. Share some hobbies and other outside interest with your visitors. It will make you look more like a person, rather than a cold business. People will be able to relate to you easier.

Free Information

Sometimes business owners forget that just because they know everything about their business, that others know nothing. You are probably an expert at what you do. The average potential customer may know nothing about the inner workings of your business. Share the knowledge. Put up a few articles or even start a blog. This will make potential customers feel more of a bond with you.

And of course all businesses are different and may require different types of pages and information. And let’s review what I said earlier. I like to think of a website as a service to your customers or potential customers. Why are they looking for your website and will they find what they are looking for? Let’s make sure that they find that and a little extra.