There are many ways to get your message seen and heard. And people are different. They like learning about things in different ways. Some people like to watch videos, while others like to read at their own pace.

A video can take a customer or prospective customer inside your operation. And a video is easy to share or put on your web site.

Here are some simple videos. I could do one of these for you for $75.00, if I use your photos. It will be placed on YouTube and you can easy share it or use it as you please. If I have to take the photos there would be an additional charge. Just be aware that all photos are not created equal and will not look as good in a video. If you take an out of focus picture with your cell phone it will probably not look good in a video. I do have an editing program, but it can not perform miracles!

These videos are produced in HD. You can change the settings at the bottom right hand corner. You can also view in full screen.

This video is a collection of photos and videos from one of our grandsons. It celebrates the first year of life. These videos can also be put on DVDs to use as keepsakes and be played on TV.


You can use video to share family events or special occasions. Share it through email or Facebook!