Helping your webmaster promote your site may be easier than you think! And the sum of many small things done correctly can add up to more traffic and profits for your company. There are even things that can be done by yourself or employees with a little free time that can help to promote your website.

Advertise in the Media.
If you are using other means of advertising ALWAYS put your website address in there. Think about the power of that one tip. Let’s say you took out a small classified ad with maybe 20 words. How much can you say? But if you list your website address you have given that reader access to a LOT of information.

Put your website address on everything.
Stationary, emails, promotional items, vehicles, products and anything else that you can think of. And even though they may not be able to remember the exact address, at least they will know that you have a website and should be able to find it.

Your business cards.
This is often overlooked, but you would be surprised at how many people may just shove your card in their pocket and then when they see it later, check out your website.

Forums and blogs in your local area.
Use your website address in your signature. You would be surprised at how much traffic this will bring, plus you will be giving yourself some backlinks. This is even one of those jobs that an idle employee could do. Just make sure that you are leaving comments that are useful and relevant. You will not want to be seen as a spammer!

Have a your own blog.
A link can easily be put on your website to your blog. You can give your customers extra information or up to date news about your industry.

Submit your web site.
Do a Google search on some keywords relevant to your industry and you will probably find some directories where you can list your site for free. Some will even let you put your website address on there. Some will want a fee to list your site. I would NOT pay to have a listing. If your website is built correctly IT WILL BE FOUND. You should not have to pay for any listings.

Publish articles.
There are many, many places to publish articles. And many have a resource box at the end where you can leave your website address. This is another good way to get a backlink!

Social Media sites.
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and many others. Everybody is using them. Another way to get traffic, and to give your customers some “extra” information.

So there you have it. A lot of ways that you can help promote your site to get more traffic, more customers, and more profit! And for very little effort. Just one more reason that it pays to have a website!