This is tough and a lot of web design companies do not post this. These prices are not set in stone and obviously they are at the lowest end. If your website requires a lot of work it will be more. If I have to do all of the work, it will be more. Obviously you will be expected to provide the information and photos for the site.

I also have other services available such as logo design, slogan creation, graphic design, and photography.

Initial Setup: $400

This includes securing your domain name, setting up hosting, building the site, and getting the initial on site web optimization started. This is a basic website with as many pages (within reason) that you need. Adding a page after the site is designed is really not a big deal. Adding 100 pages is. However, if there is an extensive typing job involved, such as a restaurant menu, I would have to charge more.

I am also going to set up the required pages that Google likes to see, plus any pages that you want on the site. Your site will then be submitted to several directories to get the ball rolling. You pay 1/2 to get it started and the rest when the site is finished. This is a one time charge.

Yearly Charges: $20 per month payable 1 year in advance

Domain names must be purchased for a minimum of one year. Your yearly fee must be paid before I renew the domain. This includes the securing of the domain, hosting, and changes to your site. Obviously for this charge I can not work on your site for hours on end each week. I am flexible, but I have to cover myself. So if you require more than 1 hour per month I would have to charge $30.00 per hour for the extra work. Again this is not set in stone. Let’s say you have a restaurant and you have some major menu changes. Maybe it takes me 3 hours. But you haven’t had any other changes for 3 months. No charge. I am trying to avoid a situation where someone wants me to put inventory on their site and update it daily or weekly for this low charge.

Design Elements Copyright

All websites and artwork are my copyrighted property. Obviously you are welcome to use any part of the website for your other advertising purposes as long as we have a working relationship. When our relationship is over that right is over as well.

Your Domain Name

If something goes wrong and we just can’t work together, I will not hold your domain name hostage. As long as I am paid what is owed I will turn your domain name over to you. I have no desire to have any customers that are not satisfied. I want this to be the best experience for both you and I. I want you to have a website that you can be proud of. And I want to have websites that I can show off!

Contact Me

Let me know what you are looking for and we can get the ball rolling. There is no charge to find out how much it will cost. This low cost will cover most simple web sites. And I don’t do surprises. If I quote you a price, that is the price. If you ask for additional work, I will let you know in advance if there are any additional charges.

I hope to be working with you soon!