Keywords are in every webmasters mind when they are making a page for a web site or starting a web site. So just what is so important about keywords?

Keywords let the search engines know what your website is all about. Each page is indexed separately for different keywords. Pages are also ranked in order of importance and relevance.

And the rules are constantly changing!

Basically what a keyword is, is the word or words that a searcher types in when they are looking for something. And the search engines are trying to give the best information to the searchers.

Now if you haven’t seen it yet you will probably see companies claiming to get you the top position in the searches. Hog wash! Absolutely no one can guarantee those results! Depending upon the keyword it can be very difficult to next to impossible.

Let’s say that you have an auto repair business. Sure would be nice if someone typed in “auto repair” and you were at the top of the page. I am pretty sure that it is not going to happen unless you have a bag full of magic tricks! Because when I type “auto repair” into Google there are over 35 million results!

There are a lot of factors that determine who is the first result. Some of them are backlinks, age of domain name, proper SEO structure, correct keyword density and placement, LSI keywords, and many more, which by the way are constantly changing!

So just what does all of this mean to you?

You should be targeting “long tailed keywords”. Quite simply that is a longer keyword. So using our example, instead of targeting “auto repair”, you might target “your town or county name auto repair”. So if I lived in Sussex County and I typed in “Sussex County auto repair” I would find you.

Again, it is a case of knowing what your customers or potential customers are looking for and typing in the search engines. Take those keywords and spread them throughout your site and in all of the right places! And that is how they will find you!